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BCCM-25-2 6.0


In its original Red Shadow Wood Veneer, the picture shows the exquisite.

A comfortable 20-foot-wide business board conference bench. Even perfect for government and educational organizations.


1.  90 MM thick table top

2. Furnace finishing of wooden panel legs.

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Description of Boss Office Products Meeting Table:

An Boss Office Products Meeting Table with 20 seats is completed in rich lacquer and furnace. This large table is designed for corporate and academic conference rooms with a table top and veneer finish legs of 90 MM. A finely crafted meeting table that blends the traditional style’s sturdy look with sleek modern lines.


It is made of timber and natural wood veneer with environmental qualities. E1 is an extremely robust composite fibred and a worldwide benchmark for luxury furniture whilst the furnace comes from our select line of premium fillers with clear color and grain structure.

A comfortable, easy to use, sleek table with a diameter of 20 feet. The 20 seater conference table on sale is made of rich veneer and lacquer, ideal for private offices and public institutions.

This big conference table on sale is designed with a luxury look and feel, and is part of the Metro series from which you can select a whole selection of cabinets, smaller tables, executive desks etc. To download the complete catalogue, go to our catalogue site.

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