BEST LANE Carpet Flooring Sharjah | AMZ 82

Features of Carpet Flooring Sharjah

  • Wear Classification: Heavy Contract
  • VOC Emission: ASTM D5116-06 <0.5 mg/m²/hour (CRI GLP)
  • Flammability: ASTM D-2859//FF 1-70//16CFR 1630 Pass 8/8
  • Critical Radiant Flux: ASTM E648-08 Class 1
  • Static Propensity: ISO 6356 0.2 kV
  • Color Fastness: AATCC/16 5/5 on Grey Scale
  • Thermal Resistance: ISO 8302 .04m2 K/W
  • Impact Sound Insulation: ISO 140-8 ΔLw 23dB
  • Sound Absorption Level: EN ISO 11654 αw: 0.15(H)

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Carpet flooring sharjah is widely recognized in Dubai for its longevity and its fastest way of refurbishing your office. One of the best known rituals in the past was the cozy and respectable tapestry on the floors. The pattern has changed over time and different materials, designs and styles in the field of flooring. The office is the location where you really want to give your guests an impressive and impressive view. For your office through GCC, we give you the best choices in exclusive designs. Our professional team will work with you to make your dream come true.

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