Leo Ergonomic chair Dubai | AMZ 49


Dual upper backrest adjustable.
Mesh back and seat mesh.
Adjustment of header height and angle.
4D adaptation of the bracelets.
Adjustment of sitting height and depth.
Adjustment of backrest height.
Lumbar support flexible.
Mechanism for lock and rock.
Adjustment of tilt voltage.
Frame for aluminium legs.
Highest weight 140 kg.

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Description of Ergonomic chair Dubai:

It’s designed to suit home and office Ergonomic chair Dubai. It has adjustment functions, such as adjustable headrest, adjustable armrests, adjustable depth of the seat and height-adjustable backrest in 4 different directions. When you sit on the chair and support your back optimally, you stretch the special adjustable lumbar support. The adjustable top back brace helps the body to tilt side by side, without hurting your back, if you have many computer screens. In addition, the chair has streamlined height and depth adjustment levers.

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