Arlington Luxurious Modern Reception Desk | AMZ – 07

Standard Features of Arlington Modern Reception Desk:

  • Details of design and feature:
  • Measurements: 25″ x 72″ x 42″
  • Overall content: melamine.
  • Face concept: elevated front and corner panels
  • The face of detail: hardwood framing
  • Working surface material:
  • Worksurface size: 24″ x 80″
  • Working edge detailing: PVC 3mm
  • Grommets right and left:
  • Stage glides: yeah •
  • Basis: 5’H


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Modern Reception Desk Concepts will help to ensure that the experience for your brand is ideal in your office. Your customers deserve to see the special characteristics of your brand. We think it is vital, because you are special, for your guests to appreciate it from the moment they walk through your door. We do what we do best to help you celebrate the distinction through style.

Arlington Modern Reception Desk Overview

The Arlington New Reception Desk is designed to fit into a very modern building. It is mode-proportional for all to win admiration while optimizing works space and matching exposure with private life. Crafted with an air of ease, this sleek reception desk benefits from a combination of different materials and colors to create your personal strength of design. This enables you to monitor your entrance look and sound and the bucks you’ve been paid to get there.


We have a dimension of 6’L x 42″Hx25″ D input and content for this office desk. Two elevated corner panels and two face panels decorate the reception faces to incorporate surface dimensions. The acrylic ribbed window panels are framed by hardwood framing so you can finish in colors. The Arlington lies on two supports of the 5″H platform; above are two holding racks or file openings (your choice). On top of the storage units, there is the working surface (24″ x 69″). We can, however, give you the right fit for your business because all our items are designed according to your scale, a number of customers, colors, and materials.

Don’t you see what you have in mind exactly?

No problem! No problem! For this specific match, we may modify the scale, texture, color, or finish. If you need to find the best accommodation for a budget? Let me show you how we can afford it. That’s simple! Just say what you want. Just tell us what.


Get the style right from the modern Arlington reception office desk

To send you an initial position we’ve put together a range of models. Choose one to start. Tell us if we need to change things in order to be correct for you if it is not exactly perfect. Send us an e-mail or call quickly. Someone is still there to answer the questions in most situations.

Get the right height of the modern reception desk in Arlington

Any of our furniture is available to start within various regular sizes. Choose the right size for your needs from the menu. Do you need a particular size? No problem! No problem! Tell us the style and size you need via email or a short telephone call.

Get the best price for the modern reception desk in Arlington

Few of us have the money to purchase a boat because “this is the way it comes,” which they don’t have to do. The majority of our pieces of furnishings are available in various material options so you can fit the right styles to your budget.

Right to Arlington Modern Reception office Desk, color, and content

If you need that particular color? Hundreds of shades have been crafted to actually support the paint and your material to match the high-pressure Jamal finishing, specialty laminates, exotic veneering, metals, and textured vertical superficial fabrics. If in our color filter you can’t find the right color for you, just contact us or call us quickly.

Home and Fully Custom made

We Use Only High-Quality GERMAN EGGER Boards and other Quality based boards in the construction of customer orders.

We have a variety of colors and sizes of your need.

10 Year Money-Back Warranty.

Free Home Delivery

If you want this or anything you want to buy or want to build custom-made products like office desk, office furniture. Contact us in the chatbox.

Thank you…

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