Arc Best Modern Sofa Design Koto 1 Seater | AMZ 72


1. Any Size
2-pull:77 W x 30 D x27 H (Inches)
3. Black fashion leatherette 3.
4. Cushions Fixed Foam
5. Structure of Acacia Wood
6. Polish Finish Base Acacia Wood
7. Foam of high quality

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A variety of office furniture is integrated into the Arc Modern Sofa Design Koto Sofa series. Ideal for those seeking a compact office sofa with a conventional mentality, this seat is ideal for our Arc Executive Set.

Arc Modern Sofa Design

Comfortable sofa sets and sofa cover for your home, office and bedroom. Structure of the Sofa set is made from wood. We use molty foam in sofa bed, bed sofa, sofa, sofa set, ikea sofa bed, sofa bed ikea, sofa cover, l shaped sofa, sofa l shape, sofa covers, office sofa, office sofa set, office sofa Dubai, latest office sofa designs, modern sofa, modern sofa design, modern sofa designs, modern sofa sets, modern sofa set, modern sofa Dubai, l shape modern sofa, modern sofa bed, modern sofa leather, and, modern sofa designs 2021. We use fabric and leather and laterite,

We make sofa sets on request and according to customer requirement; we do not compromise the quality. Hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals like office furniture and homes receive bulk and wholesale orders for our customers.

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