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  • Wear Classification: Heavy Contract
  • VOC Emission: (ASTM D5116-06) <0.5 mg/m²/hour (CRI GLP)
  • Flammability: (ASTM D-2859//FF 1-70//16CFR 1630) Pass 8/8
  • Critical Radiant Flux: (ASTM E648-08) Class 1
  • Static Propensity: (ISO 6356) 0.2 kV
  • Colour Fastness: (AATCC/16) 5/5 on Grey Scale
  • Thermal Resistance: (ISO 8302) .04m2 K/W
  • Impact Sound Insulation: (ISO 140-8) ΔLw 23dB
  • Sound Absorption Level: (EN ISO 11654) αw: 0.15(H)
  • Soiling Propensity: (ASTM D 6540-00) 4
  • Dimensional Stability: (EN 986) < 0.20%
  • Castor Chair Test: (DIN 54324) R ≥ 2.4
  • Smoke Density: (EN ISO 9239-1:2002) <450

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Printed Carpet flooring has been recognized generally in Dubai for its toughness and fastest approach to remodeling your office. Covering the floors with comfortable and nice rugs was quite possibly the most celebrated customs before. The pattern got adjustments with time and different various materials, plans, and styles presented in the area of the deck. V Care Furniture is the best tile flooring company that can customize it.

Printed Carpet Flooring

The workplace is where you generally wish to mirror an effective and amazing viewpoint to your guests. We offer you the most ideal alternatives in remarkable plans for your office all over GCC. Our exceptionally experienced group will cooperate with you to accomplish your fantasy. Durability is one of the main features of our tile flooring. V Care Furniture printed carpet flooring panels protect your blocks and provide walking comfort with utmost durability and toughness.


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